About You Are In the Know

A snapshot of the cover of the book In the Know. This has crayons, paints and paintbrushes with a plain notebook in the background. In the foreground are three photos of children, with white borders around them.

WELCOME TO THE You are In the Know website. This website, sits alongside a booklet called In the Know, published in Northland in December 2013. Both aim to give parents, caregivers and whānau of young children with a disability the information, tips and tools they need to give their child and their family a good life in the community.

For parents of children with additional needs the journey can feel difficult as you chart a very different course from what you had originally imagined or planned for your family. In the early days, months and years it can feel challenging and often overwhelming to navigate a pathway through the variety of services and supports on offer for your child. For this reason we’ve developed In the Know and You Are In the Know as a resource for Northland parents, caregivers and whānau.

Here, you’ll find the basic information relevant to children with additional needs, the contact details of support networks and professional services and plenty of tips and ideas from parents who have been in your shoes. We’ve divided these into different parts of ordinary life that you’re likely to encounter as you go through life with your child.

While we can’t promise to have all the answers, we hope that You are In the Know removes some of the unknowns and answers some of the many questions you will have. We hope that it will show you that it’s ok to ask for help, it’s ok to speak up if you’re not happy and that you are not alone in your community.

Most importantly we hope that this website and the accompanying book will provide you with the stepping stones to support you to confidently chart a path that feels right for your child and family. This way you’ll be able to focus on celebrating the important stuff, the magical moments that being a parent brings.

Ready to dive in? Here are some shortcuts to the five main subjects we cover:

Directory of Family-based Services

Directory of Medical Services

Directory of Community Based Support Services

Directory of Financial Services

Directory of Education-based Services

If you would like to request a free printed copy of In the Know, please contact Michelle Devine on 0800 227 2255 or 09 437 1899.

If you have a service or support that you would like to see added or amended please contact Lucy.Green@ccsDisabilityAction.